Nancy Beaulieu

Do you ever step out of your comfort zone? Would you consider yourself brave? I’d say I do it pretty often but with some things I don’t. With jewelry I actually have a type. It’s white gold or silver. On this day I wore yellow gold. It’s not what I know to be me but most of the time we grow from trying something new. This #necklace was a gift from @rockingvibe for completing a 6 month ambassador contract. The piece is actually called #brave and it’s a good reminder that without bravery we grow slower. The day that I took this photo I was sitting in my car (a quiet child free zone) waiting for a conference call from an agency that was offering me a huge commercial. I was told the pay was $4000 with a $5000 buy out. This offer is a huge jump from what I’m making right now and for most people it would be unbelievable, but I’ve actually done 2 commercials before and been paid $2500 for one days work, so I believed this offer was real. I was feeling brave enough to travel out of my country and do this commercial leaving my family behind at home. It turns out the offer was a hoax or a scam. I could choose to be embarrassed that I even thought it was real, or I could look at the fact that I am brave and I believe in myself! I believe I can make that kind of money and I’m brave enough to go out there and get it! So now I ask you again are you brave? Tell me something in the comments that relates to bravery for you. . . #rockingvibe #jewelry #expensivetaste #luxurylifestyle #jewelryaddict #jewelrylover #influencedbyfancynancy


nocakesrbetter Looking lovely as usual😍


vera.vilela.35 Muito lindo👏👏👏👏👏


kendragail_ Beautiful!!!! Love that necklace ❤️


when_my_pen_bleeds6713 YOU ARE SO ADORABLE 😭♥️


when_my_pen_bleeds6713 I LOVE YOUR NECKLACE 😭♥️♥️♥️


when_my_pen_bleeds6713 ADORABLE 🙌♥️


bearded_libra19 Love the eyes!!😍


visumtemporis 💖 ✨ Your IG feed is beautiful! We’d love you to represent our collection - DM us for details!