Today I went on abit of a piercing spree I went in to @theinkfactory to get my daith pierced to help with my migraines and came out with tragus and a vertical lip labret !!! Love them all very little pain was expecting alot more 😊 so happy with them and the service I got today Let's see how my migraines are now !!! Apparently the daith also works for anxiety as well as migraines so win win if it works #migraine #piercings #traguspiercing #daithpiercing #liplabret


edwinpoeze I hope it works👍🌻🌻


the_sinclair_family Hey lovely, we’ve got a great loop going on tomorrow and would love it if you would come and join our community ♥️ Ghost spots also available so you don’t have to post to your grid 👻 Head over to @sassyfemalesloop and follow the instructions on the sign up post 🍭


j96.barnes Keep us informed if it works, hopefully it does,


katie_st_l T


sleepy_spoon_ Words I thought I would ever say "that piercing in your lip really really suits you" it looks awesome all I can hear in my head is holes in your face lol but it does really suit u lol xx